Office of Water Supervision

Introducing the Deputy for Supervision of Operation


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The Deputy Director of Supervision of Operations shall carry out the following responsibilities in accordance with its statutory duties and description of its approved duties:

  • Compilation of technical guidelines and guidelines for operation of water and wastewater facilities, sanitation, water and energy
  • Providing guidance and description of outsourcing services to the private sector with a view to integrating privatization operations
  • Holding workshops and national and global exploitation seminars
  • Passive defense management and operational guidance in the event of extraordinary or human natural disasters
  • Power management (electricity and fuel)
  • Identification of Private Sector Contractors and Database Development Efforts
  • Continuous handling of public complaints and national bodies and government agencies
  • Proposal and distribution of Drought and Consumer Management credits
  • Hold annual meetings to evaluate the performance of municipal water and wastewater companies in view of the approved operating projects
  • Active attendance at public meetings
  • Advancing Independent National Operating Projects
  • Continuous monitoring of water quality in covered towns and villages
  • Continuous monitoring of the quality of the water and wastewater treatment plants and desalination plants
  • Continuous monitoring of water depletion is not considered and seasonal and annual preparation of water balance sheets
  • Continuous cooperation with other departments within the country's water collection
  • Developing an Evaluation Code and a Framework for Monitoring Rural Operations
  • Conducting annual evaluation of urban and rural water use
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